References for a professional
Danish translator and proofreader

References for Web & Translation

Below you will see a list of some of the clients who have chosen Pia Sander to carry out their translation, proofreading, text editing, and project assistance.

  • Living Architecture Publishing - Translation into English and German of a book on art, architecture, and gastronomy
  • Intuitive Surgical medical instruments – Translation and text editing into Danish
  • Consultancy company Copenhagen - Translation from Danish into English of Management reviews and executive summaries
  • Louise Li Langergaard – Text revision in English of scientific report
  • H. Heide-Jørgensen - Text revision in English of an academic paper on Jung and religion
  • SCIderm, Germany - Übersetzung aus Deutsch ins Dänisch
  • K. Boll - Proofreading of Ph.D. thesis in English
  • NF Danmark - Translation from English into Danish
  • Second Chapter Publishing - Text revision in English
  • Telehjæ – Copywriter in Danish and English
  • Spotzer Media Group, Holland - Proofreading text for 2-300 Danish websites
  • Vestas Wind Systems A/S - Project assistance
  • Psychotherapists Hans og Marianne Munk – Proofreading texts in Danish
  • - Translation of contracts English into Danish
  • Santax A/S - Translation from Danish into English of technical documents and company profile brochure
  • Århus Stiftstidende K/S - Assistance to the management of a newspaper
  • CABI - Webdesign and text revision
  • DNA Technology A/S - Translation from Danish into English
  • Unipak A/S - Translation into English and German, web design
  • ES Sprogkurser - Teaching English to adults
  • Schenker Eurocargo A/S - Project assistance
  • BS Miljøteknik A/S – Translation from Danish into English of technical, marketing, and legal texts
  • Nordisk Mejeriindustri AB – Translation into English of a large number of articles for a joint Nordic dairy magazine dealing with a wide variety of food and dairy related topic
Photography: Pia Sander