Looking for a professional German-Danish
proofreader and text editor?

Danish proofreading, text revision, or text editing is offered to business clients and private citizens, companies, researchers, in need of the services of a professional proofreader. We provide proofreading of texts translated from German into Danish – with more than 25 years in the translation industry.

By choosing a qualified and experienced Danish mother tongue proofreader you are also choosing high quality. A native Danish proofreader is your guarantee of a high quality end product. If you are not Danish, you would have a hard time estimating whether the target translation is the quality that you have paid for.

When proofreading a document translated from German into Danish, we not only check for correct spelling and grammar, but also ensure that the translation is correct. A correct translation does not necessarily mean a word-to-word translation, but that the reader will get the full meaning in Danish of what the writer meant in German. 

We proofread just about any translation from German into Danish as we work in a wide range of fields such as business communication, contracts, product manuals, content for your website, research reports, gastronomy, architecture, nature, art, horses, etc.

We offer high quality, affordable and on-time proofreading service, and guarantee full confidentiality.

We are primarily Pia Sander, a fully qualified Danish English German translator and proofreader collaborating with people with linguistic as well as technical expertise.

Photography: Pia Sander