Proofreading and text revision with care

Proofreading is not something done in a blink of an eye. Proofreading as well as text revision should be carried out with care by a qualified linguist who knows the rules of grammar and who has a sharp eye for all the small things that can go wrong in a text.

Are you in doubt whether your spelling or grammar is correct? Would you like someone to take a look and proofread your text before you go public with it? Contact Pia Sander at Web & Translation for assistance with regard to proofreading and text revision of your text, be it of a business, marketing, legal, financial, or personal nature.

Bear in mind that the first impression which your potential customer will have of your company and your products will be your website and its content. The same applies to the brochure which you may want to send to a potential customer. Are you about to send a newsletter to your customers, it is convenient to have it proofread by an experienced proofreader before sending it off.

You will appreciate that your customer will be able to focus on the message that you wish to convey and not be confused and distracted by incorrect spelling or grammar. The same is naturally valid for the brochures which your company sends to your customers.

Photography: Pia SanderWeb & Translation offers to proofread and edit

  • Texts in Danish
  • Texts in UK English

The path to flawless communication is to make use of a professional fully qualified and careful proofreader with more than 25 years of experience as a professional proofreader.